Fuel Innovation

Auburn experts are tackling the really big issues, the ones discussed on the evening news every night. They are determined to make the next discovery, find a breakthrough, and make it work.

This high-quality, competitive research and scholarly activity—particularly activity that demonstrates real impact—will help move Auburn into the top tier of research institutions. The Auburn University Research Advisory Board saw the importance of recognizing high achievers and recently recommended establishing the Advancement of Research and Scholarship Achievement Award.


The Advancement of Research and Scholarship Achievement Award recognizes an energetic, enthusiastic faculty member who has:

  • Distinguished him- or herself through research and scholarly activity.
  • Advanced Auburn’s research and scholarship mission.
  • Significantly impacted his or her field of study through extraordinary scholarship and/or notable research findings.

Boost Impact

When fully funded as a $625,000 endowment, award recipients will receive $25,000 to further support his or her lab, research, and scholarly activity.

Faculty researchers at Auburn University have big goals. They want to ensure the safety and production of America’s food supply. They want to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources. They want to keep America’s workforce globally competitive. They want to protect the country’s cyber assets and networks. They want to find a cure for cancer.

The scope and breadth of their goals are matched only by their energy, enthusiasm, and expertise. Your support of this award, recognized as Auburn’s most prestigious for research and scholarship, strengthens the activity of proven faculty who uncover new knowledge, foster innovation and economic development, and improve lives every single day.